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Something Different This Way Comes
May 3, 2022

1.1 Genesis - with Ben & Sam

1.1 Genesis - with Ben & Sam

Change is Needed and Change is Being Seeded
Ben & Sam remember with Heather the night Ben cried and why. Heather asks them to imagine the Thunder Bay they want that is fossil-fuel-free and prepared to weather the climate emergency. Heather introduces the books that she found in her climate-anxiety sleepless nights that she think about most often, and how much the conversations of this podcast help ease that anxiety.

Change is Needed and Change is Being Seeded

The movie that made Ben cry and triggered Heather’s Climate Anxiety Insomnia. What changes Ben & Sam imagine seeing when Thunder Bay has shifted from carbon-crisis contributors to a fossil-fuel-free future. The books and thoughts at the heart of this podcast now as it debuts.

Not mentioned but should have been is the animated short Ben & Sam found that I think perfectly captures where we are at right now:We Will Fix Climate Changeby Kuzgesagt:



A Life on Our Planetby David Attenborough
Drawdown: the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warmingedited by Paul Hawken 
A Good War: mobilizing Canada for the climate emergencyby Seth Klein 
Humankind: a hopeful history by Rutger Bregman
Saving Us: a climate scientist’s case for hope and healing in a divided worldby Katherine Hayhoe
Value(s): building a better world for all by Mark Carney
We Can Do Hard Things, podcast by Glennon Doyle
Smart Prosperity: the Podcast Mar 15 2022 How did solar get so cheap? featuring Gregory Nemet



-I cried because I cried for our planet. And I was right to cry: Ben

-I think of solar. Because it takes sunlight, which everyone has at least some of, and turns it into energy like a leaf... I want to see solar panels and roof-top gardens on every roof, and where it is windy: windmills, gas-burning cars be as gone as carriages and electric cars everywhere, fruit growing in every yard and people not having to go to the grocery store as often because they grow what they eat: Sam

-I love the idea of getting to use my hands (because learning with paper is so boring!) and getting to learn and work and know that I am making a difference, I am helping my community: Ben

-I am really worried but I try to be hopeful: Sam

-I don't want the climate crisis to be something I leave to my kids. We know what to do, there are solutions and they are good ones that will lift us all into deeper community and security. I am the grown up, this is my problem to solve, not theirs. I my kids look back at what I did here while they were growing up and be proud that I'm their Mom: Heather

-I get hope from that podcast you were listening to Mom, about how cheap solar power is now, and how people are growing more food in cities and sharing it so no one has to be hungry... Sam