Three Seasons to enjoy - and bonus episodes to watch for Summer 2023

Something Different This Way Comes

Something Different This Way Comes

Imagining the differences I would welcome, sharing good information and conversations to inspire.
By Heather McLeod
Spinning facts and possibilities into a lifeline of hope for our future.
Rooted in and rooting for Thunder Bay, Ontario.

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Something Different This Way Comes: imagining and informing welcome differences to come

Inspiring, informed conversations, original music by host, producer and writer Heather McLeod to help it sink in, and a growing library of hope. References for each episode are noted on their page, as are the scripts I bring into the recording studio (my kids blanketed bunk bed) in lieu of a transcript.  References referred to often are listed below. This is a wholly independent podcast. Contributions are welcome - click that GoFundMe link to help pay me for this work and I will be so glad of your support.

I live, work and raise my family in Thunder Bay Ontario, a land deeply enriched by the Anishnabek Nation's relationship to this their home since time began, who live here generously now as Fort William First Nation. I am a former CBC radio documentary journalist, a recording artist and composer, an author and Certified Financial Planner, a bee keeper and farmer who strives to nourish the land with which my family grows food. 

3.8 Songs of the Kindness Economy

May 23, 2023

3.8 Songs of the Kindness Economy

Summarizing Season three's seven episodes imagining the Kindness Economy with the songs each episode inspired, and a bit about how the rant or conversation fed the composition. By Heather McLeod in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Season Four planned fo...

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3.7 Breath with Curniss McGoldrick

May 16, 2023

3.7 Breath with Curniss McGoldrick

City as home, where you can breath, slow down, connect, relax. The importance of difficult conversations. Many hands make for light work. Budget to support your priorities. Choices must be made. Set boundaries,  speak up. Lyrics and more at www.Somet...

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About the Hosts

Leea McKayProfile Photo

Leea McKay

Graphic Designer & Publicist

Graphic designer & Illustrator based in Thunder Bay/GTA. Primarily focusing on logos, branding, and web design while also doing marketing. Design work is my passion and I aim to make the world prettier and more sustainable.

Heather McLeodProfile Photo

Heather McLeod

Host & Producer

Former CBC journalist and host, recording artist and songwriter, published author and CFP (certified financial planner). I live on the edge of Thunder Bay on the homestead that my husband grew up on. We keep honey bees, laying hens, a market garden and (soon) goats. I moved here from Montreal in 2002 and never plan on leaving. I am tenth generation settler heritage.

Library of Hope

Drawdownedited by Paul Hawken
Value(s)by Mark Carney
Humankindby Rutger Bregman
Braiding Sweetgrassby Robin Wall Kimmerer
Nature's Best Hope & really anything by Doug Tallamy
Old Man On His Back: portrait of a prairie landscapeby Sharon Butala
Entangled Lifeby Merlin Sheldrake
The Secret Wisdom of Nature& really anything by Peter Wohlleben
Animal, Mineral, Miracle&Small Wonder& really anything by Barbara Kingsolver
A Good Warby Seth Klein
Saving Usby Katherine Hayhoe
21 Things You May Not Know About The Indian Actby Bob Joseph
Hope Mattersby Elin Kelsey
Eat Like A Fishby Bren Smith
The Singing Revolutionby Priit Verilind
You Are Hereby Chris Hadfield
The 100 Mile Dietby Alisa Smith & J. B. MacKinnon
The Omnivore's Dilemma&In Defense of Foodby Michael Pollan
Peach Fuzz & Onion Skinsby Bonnie Sitter & ShirleyAn English
The Carbon AlmanacForeword by Seth Godin
Italians of Fort William's East End by Roy Piovesana

The Carbon Almanac
Bioneers: revolution from the heart of nature
What on Earth(CBC)
Race Against Climate Change(Canada's National Observer)
Smart Prosperity(University of Ottawa affiliated NGO)
TED climate(US)
Quirks & Quarks(CBC)
The Hidden Brain (Shankar Vedantam)
The Blindboy Podcast(Ireland)

Michele Solomon: treaty history of Fort William First Nation land:
Kurzgesagt -in a Nutshell: Good News! We WILL Fix Climate Change!
L'Homme Qui Plantait des Arbres

A Life on Our Planet by David Attenborough
Abstract Human: The World Within
My Octopus Teacher
This Changes Everything 
Picture a Scientist

Thunder Bay:
Roots to Harvest //
Sleepy G Farm
The Underground Gym
Superior Seasons (Belluz Farms):
Dew Drop Inn
Elevate NWO
Regional Food Distribution Association
Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce
Thunder Bay citizens engagement portal
Thunder Bay municipal sustainability
Lakehead University Sustainability

Other things I've referenced & recommend: